MAGO Nanjing Store: Where Luxury Meets Cutting-Edge Lighting

MAGO Nanjing Store, nestled within the Nanjing International Expo Center, stands as an illustrious high-end KTV destination, catering to the desires of trendsetters and enthusiasts alike. 

At the core of its captivating ambiance lies a fusion of smart lighting control driven by DMX decoders and Triac constant current drivers. This synergy creates an atmosphere that’s trendy and cool, elevating the KTV experience to unprecedented heights.

Smart Control Illuminates Luxury

MAGO Nanjing Store has meticulously embraced contemporary design elements and modern aesthetics, with each room featuring unique themes and styles. The intelligent lighting control system works harmoniously with this vision, casting a dreamlike ambiance that captivates all who enter.

Over 200 constant-voltage DMX decoders D4-L from Xinreal were strategically deployed in this project to govern the brightness and colors of single-color and RGBW light strips within each room. D4-L’s remarkable 16-bit, 65536-level color depth decoding capability allows for rendering rich and intricate lighting palettes. Complemented by power repeaters like EV4 and DMX signal amplifiers like DA, the system achieves flexible lighting control effects. It accommodates substantial load control, ensuring overall lighting stability and delivering a chic and cool KTV lighting experience.

Dynamic Lighting with a Rhythmic Beat

Beyond offering a broad spectrum of light colors, the DMX decoder D4-L also presents a variety of dynamic mode controls. When synchronized with a DMX console, the lighting effects pulsate in rhythm with the music, adapting to diverse scenes and themes and enhancing the visual experience while immersing patrons in the music’s embrace.

Even without a DMX console connection, D4-L shines. It boasts 30 built-in RGB changing modes, each with adjustable speed and brightness settings.

Ten Thousand Shades of Dimming

In this ambitious project, over 600 Triac constant current LED drivers, TE-10A-L, managed spotlights throughout the venue, including rooms, hallways, and common areas. Powered by high-performance chips, advanced light output algorithms, and a harmonious fusion of software and hardware, these drivers offer a staggering 10,000 ultra-intelligent depth brightness transitions. This results in smooth and delicate light transitions without any perceptible flicker throughout the entire power range, providing a more comfortable and immersive atmosphere.

TE-10A-L features intelligent digital dimming, preserving the color rendering index of LED lighting. This ensures that the lighting accurately represents the colors of entertainment amenities such as game consoles, darts, billiards, and diverse culinary offerings, from Chinese and Western cuisine to Japanese and Korean dishes and creative snacks. This commitment to realism delivers customers the best possible thematic and stylistic experience.

Effortless Excellence in Lighting Projects

Xinreal, committed to simplifying complexity, harmonizes innovative technology with timeless aesthetics. The result is a delightful and user-friendly intelligent lighting control experience.

The products integrated into this project offer streamlined installation and application methods. The DMX decoder facilitates quick setup of the DMX decoding starting address through the central console or preliminary debugging through critical settings. With the address of each lamp displayed on the digital screen, final adjustments become remarkably efficient. Meanwhile, when connected to the mains, the Triac constant current LED drivers empower the creation of high-end KTV lighting projects with remarkable ease.

With its intelligent lighting control system powered by Xinreal, it crafts a captivating and immersive environment that harmonizes music, entertainment, and visual delight, delivering an unforgettable KTV experience for the discerning patrons of Nanjing.

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