Install LED Strip Light Under Your Cabinets

Install LED Strip Light Under Your Cabinets.

Installing LED strip lights under your cabinets is an excellent way to create a soft and ambient glow in your kitchen or workspace. This type of lighting can enhance your workspace’s functionality while adding a touch of elegance to your overall décor.

LED strip lighting options

Tunable white light; other light strips; soft glow; bias lighting; most light strips; accent lighting

RGB LED Light Strip:

Low power consumption

Flexible LED Strip Lights:

LED Tape Lights

Dimmable LED Strip Lights:

LED Tape Light

LED Power Supply options

LED lights power supply

LED Light Strips power supply

LED Modules power supply

Install LED Strip Light under your cabinets to create a soft, ambient glow.

Measure the length of your cabinets: To ensure you have enough LED strip lights to cover the length of your cabinets, measure the distance along the underside of your cabinets where you plan to install the LED strip lights.

Choose the right LED strip lights: Select LED strip lights that are the appropriate size and color temperature for your space. Warm white is a popular choice for under cabinet lighting, but you can also choose a cooler color temperature or color-changing LED strip lights, depending on your preference.

Plan the installation: Plan where you want to install the LED strip lights under your cabinets. You can place them on the underside or inside the cabinets to create a unique lighting effect.

Install the LED strip lights: After planning the installation, carefully install the LED strip lights in the designated areas. You can use adhesive strips or mounting brackets to secure the lights in place.

Connect to a power source: Once the LED strip lights are installed, connect them to a power source. You can use a plug-in adapter or hardwire the lights directly into an electrical outlet.

LED Strip light for cabinet lighting


LED Strip light for stair lighting


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