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Ultra-thin LED power supply 60W to 400W


We have power supplies for indoor and outdoor, of various wattage, LED strips. It is crucial to keep in mind that you should choose a power supply with power exceeding 20% of the actual wattage of the LED strip.

Ultra-thin LED power supply

60W-400W DC 12V AC/DC Power Supply

The Xinreal NE or LRS series power supplies are part of high-performance professional power supplies, with a perforated aluminum structure, with air dissipation.

They are suitable for continuous use and ideal for use in the industrial field.

This power supply is equipped with overload protection, overvoltage, and a short circuit.

The power supply comes with a volt regulator (Adj) that allows you to have an output voltage (output) from 10.2V to 13.8V.

It is suitable for all LED strips and devices with constant DC 12V.

Power supply Features

1.Power range from 60w to 400w.

2.IP20 Ultra thin with metal case.

3.Built in EMI filter with ting ripple rate.

4.85% high efficiency with sufficient power.

5.4 hours 100% full-load burn-in test before shipping.

6. OVP, OLP, OTP, and short circuit protection program.


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Model Power/ W VOUT / DC Heat Sink Size/ mm
NE60-W1V 60W 12/24 Free air 111 * 78 * 30
NE 100-W1V 100W 12/24 Free air 129 * 98 * 30
NE 150-W1V 150W 12/24 Free air 160 * 98 * 30
NE 250-H1V 250W 12/24 Free air 160 * 98 * 30
NE 300-H1V 300W 5 Fan 215 * 105 * 29.5
NE 350-H1V 350W 12/24 Fan 215 * 105 * 29.5
NE 400-H1V 400W 12/24 Fan 215 * 105 * 29.5

Other constant voltage LED power supplies

Plastic indoor 12vdc power supplies

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