1CH*15A 12-48VDC CV DALI Dimmer DA1(DT6)

1CH*15A 12-48VDC CV DALI Dimmer DA1(DT6)

Get creative with your lighting! Xinreal’s DALI dimmer is a 1CH*15A 12-48VDC CV DALI Dimmer DA1(DT6) that offers precise control of brightness and color. Enhance any setting from subtle to dramatic, creating the perfect ambiance in your home or business. Shop now!


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1CH*15A 12-48VDC CV DALI Dimmer DA1(DT6)


Experience advanced lighting control with the 1-Channel 12-48VDC CV DALI Dimmer (DT6). This cutting-edge dimmer allows seamless control of 1 channel of LED lighting through DALI master or Push dimming. A constant voltage supply from 12V to 48V DC and a maximum output current of 15A per channel ensures reliable performance. This dimmer guarantees seamless integration, compliant with DALI standard protocols, IEC 62386-101, IEC 62386-102, and IEC 62386-207, and is compatible with other DALI products. Designed in a compact housing with easy external device connection, it precisely adjusts monochrome lighting like single-color LED strips. Elevate your lighting experience today.


Features of 1-Channel Constant Voltage DALI LED Dimmer:


  1. Powerful Performance: This dimmer boasts a remarkable 15A output per channel, providing sufficient power to control your LED lighting system efficiently.
  2. DALI Standard Compliant: Designed strictly with the DALI standard protocol IEC, it ensures seamless compatibility with DALI products from various international manufacturers.
  3. Automatic DALI Address Assignment: Say goodbye to manual configurations! The DALI address is automatically assigned by the DALI master, streamlining setup and saving time.
  4. Precision PWM Digital Dimming: Enjoy precise and smooth dimming control with PWM digital dimming, following the standard DALI logarithmic dimming curve for consistent lighting adjustments.
  5. Enhanced Safety: The dimmer comes equipped with overload and short circuit protection, ensuring the safety of your lighting system. In the event of a fault, it automatically recovers once the issue is resolved.


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