Ultra-thin LED power supply 100W 24Vdc Power Supply


Ultra-thin LED power supply 100W 24Vdc Power Supply


IP20 rated, provides 100W of power, and has a wide range of input voltages 100-240 Vac. It also has an adjustable output voltage of 24V, making it suitable for many types of LED lighting.

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Ultra-thin LED power supply Series

100W DC 24V LED Power Supply


Our 100W DC 24V LED power supply is an ultra-thin, high-efficiency, low-temperature power supply that is ideal for powering LED lighting. It features a wide input voltage range of 100-240VAC, high power factor (PF)> 0.6, low total harmonic distortion (THD)<20%, and high efficiency of up to 87%. This power supply is designed for outdoor and indoor applications and perfectly fits waterproof and non-waterproof lighting. It is also IP20-rated and provides complete protection against dust and water. This power supply is easy to install and maintain with a slim, lightweight design.

Power supply Features

1. Aluminum extruded casing with good heat ability.

2. Power range 100w.

3. Built-in EMI filter with ting ripple rate.

4.85% high efficiency with sufficient power.

5.4 hours 100% full-load burn-in test before shipping.

6. OVP, OLP, OTP, and short circuit protection programmed.


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重量 0.3 kg
尺寸 130 × 98 × 30 mm
Input Voltage

100-240 Vac

Output Power Rating


Output Current


Output Voltage


100w cps ultra thin power supplyUltra-thin LED power supply 100W 24Vdc Power Supply
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